• Preparing for an IPO: What PR pros need to know

    Undoubtedly, taking a company through its IPO is a prime opportunity for PR pros to increase the profile of the organization during one of the most monumental milestones in its history. 

    Having had the privilege of advising and working with a number of companies on their IPOs in the last few years, here’s a few things for PR pros to know ahead of time.

  • Going beyond share of voice: Measuring public relations efforts

    Compared to advertising and marketing, public relations has traditionally been more difficult to measure. But as every aspect of a client's business demands analytics, PR professionals must design their programs with comprehensive metrics in mind. Here are a few measures to consider that go beyond the usual share of voice analysis.

  • Dissecting Apple’s event: A few PR takeaways

    Over the years, Apple has built up its allure as a company that has been able to generate its own news cycle weeks ahead of its event. While there are few companies that have the same amount of resources to pull off such a grandiose event, here are a few takeaways that brands can capture from last week. 

  • Seven avoidable reasons clients fire PR agencies

    While the PR industry continues to evolve, one constant is that every client relationship should be built on a strong partnership based on trust, strategic counsel, expertise and results. Unfortunately, PR agency/client relationships dissolve when they could have been well avoided. PR pros: below are the seven most common reasons why I’ve seen client relationships fizzle – and how to fix things before it’s too late.

  • How to hijack the news

    News hijacking is important because it drives brand visibility for your client, positions the executive as a thought leader and expert on the topic, and can position the company as a resource for media for future stories.

    For an effective news hijacking approach to work, it requires the following elements.

  • The strategic role of communications during an M&A

    It’s been a mega technology mergers and acquisitions (M&As) bingefest in the last month. Against the flurry and excitement of an M&A, communications cannot take a backseat during the process. Here are five steps that businesses and communications pros should take. 

  • Five basic tips for influencer marketing success

    Long gone are the days of public relations being heavily skewed towards press releases and traditional media outreach. Instead, it’s about driving more comprehensive influencer relationships that support both marketing and business objectives. And influencers today can include not only journalists and analysts, but also industry advocates, academics, celebrities, and other people who are highly regarded in their respective communities or industries. For businesses that are looking to take their brand to the next level, here are the five fundamentals for a strong influencer marketing program.

  • Here's what led to me starting Gravitate PR

    Gravitate PR was born – a public relations agency focusing on B2B tech companies at all stages. It’s been exciting so far to develop the brand, clarify our points of difference, tap into a team of freelancers to support our clients – and also secure clients already.

  • Introducing Gravitate PR

    Gravitate PR is a public relations agency that partners with companies to help them achieve their goals. Whether the company is an exciting new startup, a mid-sized firm looking at an M&A/IPO, or well-established global multinational corporation, we’re able to deliver on their communications needs.